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Date: 14 March 2022

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Our graduates are working in some of the top tech companies of the world. Be a part of this illustrious alumni network and get ready to launch your own career.

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What Our Students Say?

"Byte Academy helped me transition from Video Producer to Software Developer in a matter of months. The coursework can be demanding (I spent a lot of time outside of school) but you get what you put in. The teaching staff is excellent, caring, and overall a great group of people that geniuinely care about your interests."
"I decided to make a career change and go from finance to tech, but I knew it was going to be a difficult transition given my lack of programming experience. With the myriad of options in NYC, I am happy to say that I made the correct decision with Byte Academy. "
"If you want to learn how to learn how to be an efficient computer programmer this is the place for you.... If you are wanting to change up your career, get a jumpstart, or even just enhance your skills, I would highly suggest sacrificing a few months and be dedicated to learn, study, and work hard to achieve your goals."
C Rajashekhar
C Rajashekhar
"Having exposure to CFD, I learned how mathematical models are used to solve analysis problems. I wanted to know the coding behind them and then do it myself. But it was implemented in C++, which has a hard learning curve. Recently learned about data science & since it was done using Python which is comparatively easier, I got interested in data science. Its scope for implementing improvements, optimizations & new practices based upon data analysis interested me."

Python Bootcamp Curriculum

  1. Introduction and Environment
  2. Development Environments (VSCode, Juypter Notebook)
  3. Github and Git
  4. Operating Systems and Unix

  1. Functions
  2. Recursive Functions
  3. Classes and Objects
  4. Class Protocols
  5. MVC Architecture

  1. Recursive Structures
  2. Linked List
  3. Tree
  4. Graph

  1. Graph traversals
  2. Sorting
  3. Binary Logic
  4. String Manipulation
  5. Dynamic Programming

  1. Databases
  2. SQL
  3. Networks
  4. Testing
  5. Python Libraries

  1. The Document Object Model
  2. Intro to HTML
  3. Intro to CSS
  4. Introduction to Web Servers and RESTful Flask
  5. Server-Side HTML Generation with Flask

  1. Introduction to JavaScript Syntax
  2. Event Listeners & DOM Manipulation
  3. NPM, Node, & JavaScript Project Structure

  1. React Application Architecture
  2. Functional & Class Components
  3. React Hooks
  4. Fetching External Data with React

  1. Third-Party Libraries in React
  2. Styling Libraries
  3. react-router-dom
  4. CORS & Connecting React to Flask

Project Design & Architecture

  1. Use two weeks to put together a full web-based application that performs all CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) using the SQLAlchemy library for Python.
  2. Practice using wireframes and talking about the design of an application to put together a simple project outline

  1. Gain in-depth feedback and improvements on your first project, to get you writing professional-style, high quality code
  2. Perform code reviews with your peers, to get used to the collaborative coding process
  3. Create and give a short presentation on topics in tech, to practice authoritative speaking and tech communication skills

  1. Use a RESTful external data source to create a useful application, allowing your users to browse and query a third-party data source or perform other api-related actions.
  2. Learn to integrate with other code, relying on their documentation, guidelines, and functionality to give your project life
  3. Create a visually appealing front end to make use of your application enjoyable for the client

  1. Analyze your project once again with your instructor and peers to keep improving the quality of your code
  2. Learn to document code as Python’s style guide dictates
  3. Prepare a second presentation for your peers on a topic related to foundational Data Structures and Algorithms
  4. Practice interview-style coding problems to prepare yourself for tech interviews

  1. Prove that you have what it takes to learn new technology quickly and efficiently, one of the most important skills for software engineers
  2. Find a new technology from outside the course and make a short project that uses it effectively. This is a great place to showcase your strengths and interests, whether backend, frontend, data-related or otherwise.
  3. This project can be a guided internship, working for two weeks on a project for an actual company instead of your own

  1. Work with your peers to gain mastery of tech interview topics and questions
  2. Create a short presentation about your previous project, teaching your classmates about a new technology in the process
  3. Perform any necessary final updates on your resume or LinkedIn profile so that you're ready for the job search

  1. Create a simple personal webpage on Github
  2. Start the job/internship search process and grow your personal network
  3. Practice face-to-face tech interviews to gain comfort with the traditional technical interview format

  1. Complete a 4-week internship and get your first professional development experience.
  2. Graduate having worked on a project for a real company, with the confidence to start your career in tech

Mandatory Internships

Gain the experience necessary to land a job. Work side by side with industry professionals finishing projects and tasks in the real world with real deadlines. Get that all-important first line of experience on your resume.

Career Support

Career Support

After finishing the first 10 weeks and a final project our graduates have our graduates have landed jobs, at Google, J.P. Morgan, BlackRock, IBM, Apple, Volvo, Capgemini, Fidelity, Analytics Quotiet and more!

Tution Financing

Financing Your Tution

At Byte Academy, we are committed to helping students get value for their money and making education more affordable. We offer:

  1. Pay only after you're hired.
  2. Loan if you qualify
  3. Payment plan if you qualify
Python Programming

Choose Python

Software Engineering jobs pay very well! Upon successful completion of the program, some of the positions you may apply for are Software Engineer, Systems Architect, Software Developer, Jr. Software Developer, Fullstack Developer, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer and Web Developer!

In-Person Interactions

In-Person Connections

Though our programs are delivered online, we know how important in-person networking and connections can be. Attend our in-person networking events in New York city to meet your fellow students, our alumni & the staff. Find a mentor and forge lasting connections more powerful than those created over Zoom, and hear from our alumni who’ve been working in tech to get an insider's view on hiring."

Daily Schedule


Incorporating both live and recorded instruction, our curriculum delivers the best of both worlds. We emphasize applying your knowledge in a succession of projects and project reviews, as well as practice of the foundational interview concepts, to build up the quality of your code and prepare you for your first job or internship.

  • 24 week program (includes 10 weeks of our project and career phase+4 week mandatory internship)
  • Begin each day with a 1 hour session with your instructor that's part Q&A and part code review.
  • The recorded lesson for the day will be released at the end of the check-in.
  • Watch the video at your own pace and work through the exercises.
  • The last hour of the day is spent in group code review along with ongoing 1 on 1 instructor support.
  • The course will consist of lecture and exercises as well as assessments.
  • Instructors are available outside of class hours on Discord for quick questions if you get stuck.


Similar to the full-time bootcamp, your part-time program will also utilize live and recorded instruction with an emphasis on application. Part-time allows you a bit of flexibility to juggle a job while taking steps towards your new career.

  • 24 week program
  • Our part-time classes meet for required check-ins from 6-7 pm, ET Monday and Wednesday or 6-7 pm, ET, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Watch the video at your own pace and work on the exercises.
  • Recorded videos are released at the end of each required session.
  • The course will consist of lectures, exercises, quizzes and assessments.
  • Instructors are available outside of class hours on Discord for quick questions if you get stuck.

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