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Industry Focused

First FinTech coding program worldwide. Courses created and taught by industry experts

Small Classes

Student, Instructor ratio averages 5 to 1. Personalized, focused learning experience

Dedicated to Your Career

We have an extensive hiring network. Career coaches available during and after the program.


Starts a $500. We also have financing partners and income sharing

Our Programs

Python Software Development

We emphasize Python in our fullstack curriculum as it has been ranked the highest paid coding language for recent bootcamp graduates.  Also it’s a great beginner language due to its simplicity, yet analytical capability.

In addition to Python, our curriculum includes instruction in other front and back-end languages including JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3.  We include languages, frameworks and computer science fundamentals that you can develop fullstack applications and land a career in web development.


Combine subject matter expertise with technical skills to solve for problems in the finance industry.  FinTech is a rapidly growing industry and a lucrative one.  Our FinTech coding program is the first of its type worldwide.

Learn our Python fullstack technology curriculum then develop FinTech applications in project work. Topics include: peer to peer lending, cryptocurrency,  mobile payments, analytics, developer APIs, cybersecurity, cloud security.

Data Science 

Ranked the number one career for the third year in a row by Glassdoor. Data Scientist has been named the “sexiest” career of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review. The field is rapidly growing.

Emphasizes the Python programming language and data science libraries.  Topics include: machine learning, distributed computing, predictive modeling, statistics, math and visualization.

"I was part of the first full-time foundation class and I thought that it was a great introduction into the world of computer programming. Carter was a great instructor and I learned a lot from him. After the foundation class, I ended up joining the full-time full stack program. I highly recommend this class if you're uncertain as to whether the developer path is right for you. It is a great value and you'll be surprised at how much you end up learning."


Byte Academy is engaged in the business of providing high end industry oriented technology education with bootcamp based courses in Full Stack Python software development, FinTech and Data Science.

Our focus is to equip candidates with appropriate skills in order for them to get suitable careers. We established the first FinTech program in the world and also the first Python full-stack software development bootcamp in New York City, where it is headquartered.

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About Byte Academy

Byte Benefits

Industry Focused

Small Classes

Dedicated To Your Career


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