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14-Week Course

14-Week Course

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Evening Sessions

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Something for everyone

Byte Academy has a course for everyone across all skill levels. Whether you are a complete beginner with little or no programming experience, or an experienced developer looking to add a new language to your toolkit, our offerings of full bootcamps and short courses include something that will help you take your skills to the next level.

Student A: Wants to start a career in programming

Student B: Looking to fill a specific knowledge gap in Software Engineering

Student C: Wants to advance their career

Student D: Preparing for a career change.


Byte Course Options

  • Full Stack Python
  • Full Stack Data Science
  • MERN Stack

All courses include 4-Week Internship

Python, MERN and Data Science Options


  1. Setup your environment
    1. Introduction and Environment
    2. Development Environments (VSCode, Juypter Notebook)
    3. Github and Git
    4. Operating Systems and Unix
  2. Introduction to Python
    1. Functions
    2. Recursive Functions
    3. Classes and Objects
    4. Class Protocols
    5. MVC Architecture
  3. Data Structures
    1. Recursive Structures
    2. Linked List
    3. Tree
    4. Graph
  4. Algorithms
    1. Graph traversals
    2. Sorting
    3. Binary Logic
    4. String Manipulation
    5. Dynamic Programming
  5. Advanced Topics
    1. Databases
    2. SQL
    3. Networks
    4. Testing
    5. Python Libraries
  6. Introduction to Web Technologies
    1. The Document Object Model
    2. Intro to HTML
    3. Intro to CSS
    4. Introduction to Web Servers and RESTful Flask
    5. Server-Side HTML Generation with Flask
  7. Fundamentals of JavaScript
    1. Introduction to JavaScript Syntax
    2. Event Listeners & DOM Manipulation
    3. NPM, Node, & JavaScript Project Structure
  8. Introduction to React
    1. React Application Architecture
    2. Functional & Class Components
    3. React Hooks
    4. Fetching External Data with React
  9. Intermediate React
    1. Third-Party Libraries in React
    2. Styling Libraries
    3. react-router-dom
    4. CORS & Connecting React to Flask
  10. Building an End to End Application (Project)
  11. Project #1: Using a Production Database
    1. Use two weeks to put together a full web-based application that performs all CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) using the SQLAlchemy library for Python.
    2. Practice using wireframes and talking about the design of an application to put together a simple project outline
  12. Code Review & Presentation Skills
    1. Gain in-depth feedback and improvements on your first project, to get you writing professional-style, high quality code
      Perform code reviews with your peers, to get used to the collaborative coding process
    2. Create and give a short presentation on topics in tech, to practice authoritative speaking and tech communication skills
  13. Project #2: Use external APIs
    1. Use a RESTful external data source to create a useful application, allowing your users to browse and query a third-party data source or perform other api-related actions.
    2. Learn to integrate with other code, relying on their documentation, guidelines, and functionality to give your project life
    3. Create a visually appealing front end to make use of your application enjoyable for the client
  14. Code Review & Interview Practice
    1. Analyze your project once again with your instructor and peers to keep improving the quality of your code
    2. Learn to document code as Python’s style guide dictates
    3. Prepare a second presentation for your peers on a topic related to foundational Data Structures and Algorithms
    4. Practice interview-style coding problems to prepare yourself for tech interviews
  15. Project #3: Learn Something New
    1. Prove that you have what it takes to learn new technology quickly and efficiently, one of the most important skills for software engineers
    2. Find a new technology from outside the course and make a short project that uses it effectively. This is a great place to showcase your strengths and interests, whether backend, frontend, data-related or otherwise.
    3. This project can be a guided internship, working for two weeks on a project for an actual company instead of your own
  16. Coding Interview Prep & Presentations
    1. Work with your peers to gain mastery of tech interview topics and questions
    2. Create a short presentation about your previous project, teaching your classmates about a new technology in the process
    3. Perform any necessary final updates on your resume or LinkedIn profile so that you're ready for the job search
  17. Personal Webpage & Final Preparation
    1. Create a simple personal webpage on Github
    2. Start the job/internship search process and grow your personal network
    3. Practice face-to-face tech interviews to gain comfort with the traditional technical interview format
  18. 4-Week Internship
    1. Complete a 4-week internship and get your first professional development experience.
    2. Graduate having worked on a project for a real company, with the confidence to start your career in tech