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After a Summer at Byte Academy, our grads have joined some of these companies:

jp-1 MS-1 apple spacex-2 meta citadel amazon linkedin

What do you want to build?


Build a portfolio in domains such as Web3 or AI, and leverage your first internship experience to land a full-time role. Use your past excellence along with this experience to prove to companies like Google, Uber, Meta, Citadel, Gemini and SpaceX that you have what it takes to be a software developer.


Byte Benefits

  • $0 Tuition to start. Pay when you are hired
  • Internship to gain professional experience during bootcamp
  • Free MacBook Air upon completion of a full Bootcamp
  • Real Connections made with in-person events

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All our courses will help you start building in Web3 or AI.

  • Software Engineering Bootcamp
  • Data Science Bootcamp
  • Computer Science
  • Web Development
  • Web Application

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We want to help you achieve your learning goals. Enroll early for access to scholarships covering up to 40% of your tuition, and get ready to start your tech career. Earliest enrollees gain access to the most coverage, so apply now.

Build Something Special

All of our students end their program after bringing one of their own unique ideas to life. Graduates have:

  • Optimized the experience learning Japanese Kanji as an English speaker (

  • Bet on Esports with friends on the Ethereum network (and actually paying the winner in ETH)

  • Recommended whiskeys to newcomers based on their preferred flavor palate (

  • Integrated two-factor authentication onto the Bitcoin protocol, creating a distributed (but still secure!) authentication system for other apps

  • Generated randomized, fully visual (and downloadable) maps for their upcoming Dungeons and Dragons campaigns

  • Optimized the schedules of visiting nurses (a tool that was then implemented in the workplace to optimize profits)

  • Managed an extensive portfolio of sneakers (and their re-sale value) in an app that looked almost as appealing as the shoes themselves

  • Connected learning & careers with crypto incentives to engage in free education (

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Course Choices

Full Bootcamps

Choose between these two bootcamp programs:

Both include a 4 week internship at the end to provide you with the professional experience employers are looking for. 



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Finance Options

$0 up front, Pay when you have a job

Income Share Agreements allow you to start with $0. Pay a percentage of your annual salary when you get a job. Not only does this option give you peace of mind to start without worrying about making payments, but it also aligns our goals with yours- that you are trained well enough to gain employment.

Apply for ISA

only $500 to start, allows a co-signer

Best choice if your credit is less than spectacular. You can apply with a co-signer. Get pre-approved in about 5 minutes and without hurting your credit score (soft credit check for pre-approval only)
Get Pre-Approved

0% interest & spread out payments

Byte Academy Payment plans are interest-free. Just pay as per the schedule and spread out the payments for easy budgeting.

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