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Full Stack Python Coding Bootcamp teaching FinTech, Data Science, MedTech

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We were the first Coding Bootcamp to teach FinTech, the first to train Python programmers in New York City, now we are leading the way in industry specific coding education.


What is Byte Academy?

Byte Academy is a coding bootcamp that offers intensive industry focused programs. To apply, please complete the application here.


Why is Byte awesome?

Situated in the heart of New York City, Byte Academy educates students in full-stack programming with Python. When you graduate you will be equipped with the skillset to get a head start on your new career. Our current programs include bootcamps in Fintech, Data Sciences, Medtech & Python. As a graduate you will have access to our career guidance and placement services. You will also get exposure to exciting networking and job opportunities through our partnerships with industy leading companies.


How does Byte help me get a job?

Companies are constantly seeking talented programmers to develop solutions needed for running their complex operations. Who would be a better job candidate than someone who can not only handle the programming, but also understands the intricacies of each industry? 


We reduce costs to students without sacrificing quality.  Our full-time tuition is 25% less than comparable bootcamps. This number does not include our Women or Merit scholar programs in which all women receive $2,000 off the cost of tuition and those of high merit only pay when hired.


With our small class sizes, every Byte team member is able to listen and understand students on an individual basis. We practice hands on learning, with an emphasis on teamwork just like real world companies. Through our Byte Cares  and Byte Wellness programs we focus on healthy practices not only for students but also the outside community.


Proudly we are the first coding bootcamp in New York City to teach Python; and now  the supply of Python programmers cannot meet demand.  In fact, almost twice as many jobs require Python over Ruby. Python engineers are much higher paid averaging over $100,000 in salary.