Program at the Crossroads of


Finance and Technology


First ever New York City bootcamp at the crossroads of Finance and Technology.

Byte Academy equips people with the tools required for success at the crossroads of Finance and Technology. Each of these areas is exciting by itself, but we believe the truly great companies of the future will be created at their intersection.


What is Byte Academy?

Byte Academy is a twelve week, full-time bootcamp to transform you into a financial technology (FinTech) programmer. To apply, please complete the application here.


Why is Byte unique?

Byte Academy makes you a perfect candidate for jobs in finance and technology firms. We teach you the fundamentals of programming and finance and then take a deep dive into a single area of finance.

We integrate all this with daily coding projects so that by the end of your bootcamp, you can create a financial application from scratch.


How does Byte help with getting a job?

Financial companies are constantly seeking talented programmers to develop necessary solutions needed for running their multi-billion dollar operations. Who would be a better job candidate than someone who can not only handle the programming, but also understands the finance that drives it? You also will be quite attractive to Tech companies given your experience with full stack programming in a challenging field.

Financial Domain

Technology in the financial domain can be most rigorous and yet very rewarding. Investment banks, Hedge Funds and Insurance Companies depend on talented developers to create and enhance the necessary solutions to run their multi-billion dollar operations.

Language Agnostic

Beginning an IT career can be daunting when there are so many languages to master. We teach you the proper foundations of computer science so you can conquer any programming language and achieve a repertoire of skill sets that will make you a highly sought after developer.


We are looking for individuals with high levels of intellectual curiosity and self motivation, for whom coding is more than just a way to earn a living. We want students who get satisfaction out of constantly improving upon their craft regardless of the career opportunities it provides them.

Community and Network

We bring in seasoned veterans in the industry as guest speakers and advisors providing you a network that is as well connected as it is talented. You are encouraged to take advantage of these resources not only during your time with us, but also as you progress your career.

Career Opportunities

After honing your skills with us, we will make it our priority to get you the career opportunities that suit your talents and capabilities.

Leading Technology

Stay on the front lines of the industry by keeping up to date with trends, technologies, and programming languages.