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Helping folks like you change their lives is our goal. Learn from the Python Bootcamp and then gain the project experience necessary to land a job as part of the program. No tuition is expected until you are hired.

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Fullstack development


Learn Python, a powerful, multi-domain language which ranks among the highest paid and most sought after skillsets in the tech industry.

Object Oriented Programming

Learn how industry professionals write and organize their code to make it as clear and reusable as possible.


Learn to interact with databases, an important part of all modern applications to allow persistence of data.


The programming language of the web! Modern JavaScript is used as a popular front and back end language.


A popular and fast UI library developed by Facebook to make complex user interfaces simpler and more efficient.


Your instructor will closely monitor your progress every step of the way; they are here to help!

Byte Academy helped me transition from Video Producer to Software Developer in a matter of months. The coursework can be demanding (I spent a lot of time outside of school) but you get what you put in. The teaching staff is excellent, caring, and overall a great group of people that geniuinely care about your interests.
I decided to make a career change and go from finance to tech, but I knew it was going to be a difficult transition given my lack of programming experience. With the myriad of options in NYC, I am happy to say that I made the correct decision with Byte Academy.
If you want to learn how to learn how to be an efficient computer programmer this is the place for you.... If you are wanting to change up your career, get a jumpstart, or even just enhance your skills, I would highly suggest sacrificing a few months and be dedicated to learn, study, and work hard to achieve your goals.

Cohort Start Dates

Online Full Time


Next Start Date:
Jan. 24th 2022
Application Deadline: Jan. 14thAPPLY NOW
Other start dates:

March 14, 2022

June 13, 2022

September 12, 2022


Online Part Time


Next Start Date:
Feb. 7th 2022
Application Deadline: Jan. 28th
Other start dates:

April 4, 2022

July 11, 2022

October 17, 2022


Bangalore - Full Time

Application Deadline: 01 Jul 2021
Start Date: 07 Jul 2021

Bangalore - Part Time

Application Deadline: TBD
Start Date: TBD

Online - Full Time

Application Deadline: 01 Jul 2021
Start Date: 07 Jul 2021

Online - Part Time

Application Deadline: TBD
Start Date: TBD


Set up Your Environment
  1. Introduction and Environment
  2. Development Environments (VSCode, Juypter Notebook)
  3. Github and Git
  4. Operating Systems and Unix
Introduction to Python
  • Functions
  • Recursive Functions
  • Classes and Objects
  • Class Protocols
  • MVC Architecture
Data Structures
  • Recursive Structures

  • Linked List

  • Tree

  • Graph

  • Graph traversals
  • Sorting
  • Binary Logic
  • String Manipulation
  • Dynamic Programming
Advanced Topics
  • Databases
  • SQL
  • Networks
  • Testing
  • Python Libraries
Introduction to Web Technologies
  • The Document Object Model

  • Intro to HTML

  • Intro to CSS

  • Introduction to Web Servers and RESTful Flask

  • Server-Side HTML Generation with Flask

Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Introduction to JavaScript Syntax

  • Event Listeners & DOM Manipulation

  • NPM, Node, & JavaScript Project Structure

Introduction to React
  • React Application Architecture
  • Functional & Class Components
  • React Hooks
  • Fetching External Data with React
Intermediate React
  • Third-Party Libraries in React
  • Styling Libraries
  • react-router-dom
  • CORS & Connecting React to Flask
Building an End to End Application
  • Project Design & Architecture
Project #1: Using a Production Database
  • Use two weeks to put together a full web-based application that performs all CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) using the SQLAlchemy library for Python.
  • Practice using wireframes and talking about the design of an application to put together a simple project outline
Code Review & Presentation Skills
  • Gain in-depth feedback and improvements on your first project, to get you writing professional-style, high quality code
  • Perform code reviews with your peers, to get used to the collaborative coding process
  • Create and give a short presentation on topics in tech, to practice authoritative speaking and tech communication skills
Project #2: Use external APIs
  • Use a RESTful external data source to create a useful application, allowing your users to browse and query a third-party data source or perform other api-related actions.
  • Learn to integrate with other code, relying on their documentation, guidelines, and functionality to give your project life
  • Create a visually appealing front end to make use of your application enjoyable for the client
Code Review & Interview Practice
  • Analyze your project once again with your instructor and peers to keep improving the quality of your code
  • Learn to document code as Python’s style guide dictates
  • Prepare a second presentation for your peers on a topic related to foundational Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Practice interview-style coding problems to prepare yourself for tech interviews
Project #3: Learn Something New
  • Prove that you have what it takes to learn new technology quickly and efficiently, one of the most important skills for software engineers
  • Find a new technology from outside the course and make a short project that uses it effectively. This is a great place to showcase your strengths and interests, whether backend, frontend, data-related or otherwise.
  • This project can be a guided internship, working for two weeks on a project for an actual company instead of your own
Coding Interview Prep & Presentations
  • Work with your peers to gain mastery of tech interview topics and questions
  • Create a short presentation about your previous project, teaching your classmates about a new technology in the process
  • Perform any necessary final updates on your resume or LinkedIn profile so that you're ready for the job search
Personal Webpage & Final Preparation
  • Create a simple personal webpage on Github
  • Start the job/internship search process and grow your personal network
  • Practice face-to-face tech interviews to gain comfort with the traditional technical interview format
4-Week Internship
  • Complete a 4-week internship and get your first professional development experience.
  • Graduate having worked on a project for a real company, with the confidence to start your career in tech

Daily Schedule


Incorporating both live and recorded instruction, our curriculum delivers the best of both worlds. We emphasize applying your knowledge in a succession of projects and project reviews, as well as practice of the foundational interview concepts, to build up the quality of your code and prepare you for your first job or internship.

  • 24 week program (includes 10 weeks of our project and career phase+4 week mandatory internship)
  • Begin each day with a 1 hour session with your instructor that's part Q&A and part code review.
  • The recorded lesson for the day will be released at the end of the check-in.
  • Watch the video at your own pace and work through the exercises. 
  • The last hour of the day is spent in group code review along with ongoing 1 on 1 instructor support. 
  • The course will consist of lecture and exercises as well as assessments.
  • Instructors are available outside of class hours on Discord for quick questions if you get stuck.


Similar to the full-time bootcamp, your part-time program will also utilize live and recorded instruction with an emphasis on application. Part-time allows you a bit of flexibility to juggle a job while taking steps towards your new career.

  • 24 week program
  • Our part-time classes meet for required check-ins from 6-7 pm, ET Monday and Wednesday or 6-7 pm, ET, Tuesday and Thursday
  • Watch the video at your own pace and work on the exercises. 
  • Recorded videos are released at the end of each required session.
  • The course will consist of lectures, exercises, quizzes and assessments.
  • Instructors are available outside of class hours on Discord for quick questions if you get stuck.

Full time Live Online 


Byte Academy utilizes a 'live instructor led' experience that includes a virtual F2F interaction with the trainer. Graduates qualify for a Spryte internship for additional group and real world work experience.

  • You'll begin each day with a 30 min discussion of the previous day’s doubt clearing session
  • A new technology concept is introduced to the students in the next 1.5 hours followed by a short break
  • The next 45 minutes involves a practical session where students apply the concepts by executing programming scripts along with 1 on 1 instructor support
  • The course will consist of lecture and exercises as well as assessments
  • Hands on project work and software sprints

Recorded Flipped Classroom (Part time)


Byte Academy utilizes a 'flipped classroom' experience that includes recorded and live instruction. Graduates qualify for a Spryte internship for additional group and real world work experience

  • 14 week course designed for working professionals
  • Recorded sessions, LMS Slides, Exercises and Assessments 
  • Watch videos and work on exercises
  • Meet for 1 hour check-ins 2 days a week for doubt solving sessions, group code review along with 1 on 1 instructor support
  • The course will consist of lectures, exercises as well as assessments
  • Hands on project work and software sprints


Required Internship

Gain the experience necessary to land a job. Work side by side with industry professionals finishing projects and tasks in the real world with real deadlines. Get that all-important first line of experience on your resume.


Career Support

Jump Start Your New Career 

After completing the 10-week instructional phase of the curriculum and a final project, our graduates have taken these new technical skills to diverse companies across many industries. Our graduates re-start their careers at companies such as Google, J.P. Morgan, BlackRock, IBM, Apple, Volvo, Capgemini, Fidelity, Analytics Quotiet and more!


Experience Matters

We work with companies including SpryteLabs to give you the opportunity to get real world experience. To graduate you will need to complete a 4-week internship as part of the curriculum and work on software engineering projects.. This will allow you to gain hands-on experience with the non-academic side of software.






  1. Complete the application here.

  2. Pass the Admissions Interview

  3. Complete our “Intro to Python” program or test out of this prerequisite (speak with an Admissions Officer for this option)

  4. Pass the Technical Interview

  5. Receive your Admissions Decision




Admissions Process

  1. Complete application at Apply Now
  2. Admissions Interview/Counseling 
  3. Pay INR 5000 to block your seat  (refundable deposit)
  4. Complete Enrollment Forms and any financing applications
  5. Start Program

Youre Invited! card with a beautiful day

Enroll now, Pay when hired

No deposit. Pay after you're earning $40k+ Then pay 15% of your salary for 3 years (max $30k) 





At Byte Academy, we are committed to helping students get value for their money and making education more affordable. We offer:

1. Early Bird Discounts if you sign up one month before course start date.

2. Interest-free Installment Schemes payable over 3 to 6 months.

3. Interest-free and Collateral-free Loans payable over 12 months.

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Choose python

Software Engineering jobs pay very well! Upon successful completion of the program, some of the positions you may apply for are Software Engineer, Systems Architect, Software Developer, Jr. Software Developer, Fullstack Developer, Front-End Developer, Back-End Developer and Web Developer!



Learn to Code

Our Python Fullstack Immersive course teaches web application development in Python, Javascript, React, HTML, and CSS. Python is a powerful, multi-domain language and ranks among the highest-paid and most sought-after skillsets in the tech industry; it is used by top companies including Google, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, BuzzFeed and many more. Beyond app development, Python has applications in data science, artificial intelligence and system administration, among others. Skills learned in this program launch our graduates into many different fields. The program is intense but produces high quality fullstack engineers able to get jobs at Fortune 500 companies, startups and every size company in between!

Our comprehensive curriculums are devised by instructors from the US and India using input from our industry partners around the world. They are aimed to equip you with the skills that the job market currently demands. The same curriculum is taught in New York and India.




Unique and Vibrant community in NYC

Come out and Play! 

Our courses are online only however we have regularly scheduled opportunities in the heart of New York City. These are open to current student, alumni, current and past instructors/staff. Just a great time to 'meet the family' and hit up 'Uncle Billy" for a recommendation or some job hunting pointers.

Save the date for our Mid-Winter party - Jan. 13th, 2022. 

In addition to pop-up events for our students keep a look out for seasonal staples. Tell us your ideas!

Full Time - Deposit

On Campus

₹ 5,000

*Refundable deposit to hold a seat


Part Time - Deposit

On Campus

₹ 5,000

*Refundable deposit to hold a seat


Remote - Deposit


₹ 5,000

*Refundable deposit to hold a seat


Full Time - Online



*Refundable deposit to hold a seat


Part Time - Online



*Refundable deposit to hold a seat


Alumni Success Stories

In addition to the coding curriculum there's also a job placement/ career services curriculum which I can't stress enough how important it is to follow - I was skeptical about it and tried (!) to procrastinate but fortunately Jenna wouldn't let me and this is how I ended up getting a job.
Byte really understands what it takes to get a great job…I can genuinely say that the learning which Byte Academy provided me with, was pinnacle to receiving an offer.
Having exposure to CFD, I learned how mathematical models are used to solve analysis problems. I wanted to know the coding behind them and then do it myself. But it was implemented in C++, which has a hard learning curve. Recently learned about data science & since it was done using Python which is comparatively easier, I got interested in data science. Its scope for implementing improvements, optimizations & new practices based upon data analysis interested me. I can also go into machine learning & take advantage of the large data sets available. And also due to growing opportunities in the field.
c. raj india
C. Rajshekhar
CFD Analyst, Data Science
I heard Python was the most comprehensive programming language so I wanted to learn it. I heard about Byte Academy from a friend studying there. Also, I wanted to return to India and Byte offered the perfect opportunity for me to do that. It also seemed like a small institution where I could get all the hands-on learning I need to learn to program.
india testimonial 2
Mathai Puthiakunnel
University Student, Python Bootcamp Graduate
My experience at Byte Academy Bangalore was a life changing one. I went from having no experience with coding to being very comfortable with Python and SQL. The experience was both challenging and exciting and requires a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep up with the intense curriculum and work load. The teaching assistants were always helpful and very knowledgable. I would recommend this school to anyone without coding experience and especially to people who have a passion for working with computers. This was truly an amazing experience.
Lebohang Mashatola
Python Bootcamp Graduate

Meet Your Instructors

greg s headshot

Greg Smith

Lead Instructor

Greg originally learned Python as a scripting language for environmental mapping software and statistical analysis. He graduated with a BS in Environmental Science (environmental toxicology specifically) and minors in Economics and Biology. He then turned to web development which he found more fulfilling than statistics, though he has also done iOS development. His areas of interest include front-end development in React and statistical analysis in sports, primarily the NHL and European soccer. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and visiting breweries, and is an avid homebrewer.


Nikhil Panchal


Nikhil is a seasoned IT professional with over 15 years of experience working in the Technology divisions of Top Tier Investment banks on Wall Street. During his career he has worked on a variety of applications in the FinTech space that range from Client facing Investment web sites, to core back-end trading systems. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Binghamton University, New York as well as an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business. His areas of interests range in a variety of topics in both computer science and finance, the main ones being Web programming and Long term Value Investing. In his spare time Nikhil enjoys reading and spending time with his family.

Instructor - Jithin J Kumar

Jithin J Kumar

Lead Instructor

Jithin is a highly motivated technologist with experience in wide range of industries like finance, healthcare, HR, Marketing and civil engineering domain. A self motivated individual in multiple technology stack namely Python (Django, Flask), Javascript (React JS) on Web Development domain and Data Science domain like Recommender Systems, Time Series Analysis and Web Scraping.

Trainer Profile - Aditya Teng

Aditya Teng


Aditya graduated with B.E. in Mechanical Engineering and then learned Python for Data Analysis and Machine Learning. He has worked on projects related to automation with python, data analytics and web development. In his spare time, he enjoys playing football and watching the English Premier League.

Trainer Profile - Ashwin Ravi

Ashwin Ravi


Ashwin is a Presenter and Influencer for the right reasons. He can listen and adapt quick. Strong technical and non technical skills. Ready to help is his mantra. Data analysis, Team Strategic Player , Web Development and Python Programming are his biggest assets.


What pre-requisites Required?
  • A foundation of basic Python skills is required to join the bootcamp. To qualify you would need to pass the Intro to Python assessment which is given on the last day of the course.
  • Some students may test out of our pre-requisite course and satisfy the requirement.
Are your classes in-person or remote?
The safety and health of our students and staff are a priority and currently we are offering only remote, online courses with live instruction due to the limitations of Covid-19. However, we have designed the daily structure to build in networking opportunities similar to our former in-person experiences.
What kind of students are you looking for?
We are looking for students from a diverse range of backgrounds. However different they may be, our students have one thing in common, they are highly motivated and enjoy a  difficult challenge. People who constantly want to improve, learn more and want to take their careers to the next level with programming but need a helping hand.
Do I need any programming experience?
No, you do not need prior programming experience. By the time you complete our full  program you will be able to create a complete full-stack application from scratch. Also, every student who completes any of our full programs (full-time or part-time) will possess the equivalent in programming skills of a junior developer.
What are the next steps if I am accepted to the program?

Congratulations on passing the Intro to Python assessment and qualifying for bootcamp! The next steps are to get in touch with the admissions officer to complete the rest of the requirements, complete the Enrollment Agreement and to arrange payment for the tuition. If you are working with any of our partners (3rd party lenders)  please get in contact with admissions for an update.


Additional Information on Python and Data Science Programs

Feel free to schedule a call for more a individualized conversation to address your questions.

For additional information and to ask questions regarding Byte Academy, please email us at  or use the Help Chat on this page. 

What are the school's policies for cancellation, withdrawal & refunds?
Please refer to our policies here.
I’m not a US citizen. Can I apply?
Yes, we welcome students from around the world. However, you may not qualify for the ISA.

Check out our FAQ page!


What are the course start dates?
As a general guide, foundation courses start on the 1st and 3rd Monday every month.  Full-time bootcamps start on the 1st Wednesday of every month. Part-time bootcamps start on the 3rd Saturday of every month.
Are the courses online?
We offer both in-classroom and online courses. For our online courses, our instructors conduct live sessions on Zoom.
Do you offer placement support?
Yes, we do. Please refer to our Careers Section for more information.
What kind of certificate will I get?
You will be issued a certificate by Byte Academy International.