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BYTE ACADEMY's ABCs of a New Career


What's in your toolbox? Updated resume, LinkedIn profile and your final project are just the beginning.


The skills you've learned in bootcamp will get you started in your new career. Current and bleeding edge.


of your journey begins with our 6 months post-bootcamp career schedule.

In addition to the coding curriculum there's also a job placement/ career services curriculum which I can't stress enough how important it is to follow - I was skeptical about it and tried (!) to procrastinate but fortunately Jenna wouldn't let me and this is how I ended up getting a job.
Byte really understands what it takes to get a great job…I can genuinely say that the learning which Byte Academy provided me with, was pinnacle to receiving an offer.

Online - Full Time

Data Science

Start Date : 13th February 2023

Online- Part Time

Data Science

Start Date : 13th February 2023

Career Curriculum

Updated Resume
While learning the basics of Python and Data Science, brush up your resume to modify it for tech. You’ll redesign your resume to make it marketable for programming jobs, and get constant feedback from fellow students and instructors to ensure that it comes out as good as possible.
LinkedIn Overhaul
During the second phase of the course, overhaul your LinkedIn profile to make yourself as marketable as possible. Start increasing your connections, and ensure that your online presence is as exciting to potential employers as it can be.
Practice makes Perfect

Go through the gauntlet of short projects to gain confidence as a software developer. Increase the quality of your code through review sessions with fellow students and your instructor, and learn to write software like a professional. Through each project you’ll grow as a developer and learn new skills.

Interview Prep
Practice makes perfect. Prepare for the interview process, mastering the fundamentals that commonly come up in technical interviews. Become a pro at solving technical interview questions, using feedback and review from your peers and instructors to guide your way. Master the basic Data Structures, Algorithms, and other building blocks of programming.

Companies that Hired our Grads...



Required Internship

Gain the experience necessary to land a job. Work side by side with industry professionals finishing projects and tasks in the real world with real deadlines. Get that all-important first line of experience on your resume.


Ongoing Support

Once the course and internship are over, join our weekly success sessions to ensure you’re on the right track to get that first job. Troubleshoot topics with your peers or one on one with an instructor, including:

  • Interview prep
  • Resume updates
  • Positions to apply to
  • Networking
  • Post-interview debriefs


Our Community

Join our community, and leverage all of our old instructors and graduates as connections to get you into the tech field. Use their vast array of experience to inform your own job search, make connections, and find mentors. Meet any of this community at our networking events, both during and after your Byte Academy program.


General Bootcamp Live Online 


Byte Academy utilizes a 'live instructor led' experience that includes a virtual F2F interaction with the trainer. Graduates qualify for a Spryte internship for additional group and real world work experience.

  • You'll begin each day with a 30 min discussion of the previous day’s doubt clearing session
  • A new technology concept is introduced to the students in the next 1.5 hours followed by a short break
  • The next 45 minutes involves a practical session where students apply the concepts by executing programming scripts along with 1 on 1 instructor support
  • The course will consist of lecture and exercises as well as assessments
  • Hands on project work and software sprints

ISA Live Online


Byte Academy utilizes a 'ISA' experience that includes recorded and live instruction. Graduates qualify for a Spryte internship for additional group and real world work experience with different placement programs.

  • 14 week course designed for working professionals
  • Recorded sessions, LMS Slides, Exercises and Assessments 
  • Watch videos and work on exercises
  • The course training structured as Basic to Advanced level with 35% theoretical and 65% practical development to make you job ready
  • We prepare you through different assessments Mock technical interviews and overall interview preparations. once you complete them and cross these hurdles, you enter the placement program
  • Remaining fees pay in Monthly installment only after you get a job from Byte Academy, depending on your salary slab.

Admissions Process

  1. Complete application at Apply Now
  2. Admissions Interview/Counselling 
  3. Pay INR 5000, to block your seat for General Bootcamp (Refundable amount)
  4. Pay INR 15,000 upfront for ISA 
  5. Start Program

Youre Invited! card with a beautiful day

General Bootcamp

Live Online

₹ 45,000

*additional 18% GST

If enrolled within 3 - 7 days from enquiry date you will be eligible for a scholarship.



Income Sharing Agreement

Live Online

₹ 15,000

*initial Payment +18% GST

Remaining amount has to be paid after placement.



Full Time - Online



*Refundable deposit to hold a seat


Part Time - Online



*Refundable deposit to hold a seat

Having exposure to CFD, I learned how mathematical models are used to solve analysis problems. I wanted to know the coding behind them and then do it myself. But it was implemented in C++, which has a hard learning curve. Recently learned about data science & since it was done using Python which is comparatively easier, I got interested in data science. Its scope for implementing improvements, optimizations & new practices based upon data analysis interested me. I can also go into machine learning & take advantage of the large data sets available. And also due to growing opportunities in the field.
c. raj india
C. Rajshekhar
CFD Analyst, Data Science
I heard Python was the most comprehensive programming language so I wanted to learn it. I heard about Byte Academy from a friend studying there. Also, I wanted to return to India and Byte offered the perfect opportunity for me to do that. It also seemed like a small institution where I could get all the hands-on learning I need to learn to program.
india testimonial 2
Mathai Puthiakunnel
University Student, Python Bootcamp Graduate
My experience at Byte Academy Bangalore was a life changing one. I went from having no experience with coding to being very comfortable with Python and SQL. The experience was both challenging and exciting and requires a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep up with the intense curriculum and work load. The teaching assistants were always helpful and very knowledgable. I would recommend this school to anyone without coding experience and especially to people who have a passion for working with computers. This was truly an amazing experience.
Lebohang Mashatola
Python Bootcamp Graduate

Check out our FAQ page!


What are the Courses offered by Byte Academy?

Byte Academy provide Courses in Full Stack Python and Data Science with Python

Do you offer placement support?

Yes, We do provide Internship and career opportunities to our Graduates.

What kind of certificate will I get?
You we do provide Course Completion certificate from Byte Academy to all our graduates.
Data Scientist vs Full Stack Developer: What to Choose?

A Data Scientist is often referred to as the data architect, whereas a Full Stack Developer is responsible for building the entire stack. However, both of these roles are very different from each other. The main difference between these two roles is that a Data Scientist has tremendous expertise in data analysis and knows how to analyze data. On the other hand, Full Stack Developer has solid programming skills and knowledge of various technologies such as software development, web development, etc. 

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in the Full Stack or Data Science training program?
There are no specific prerequisites required for one to enroll in the program. Any candidate aspiring to learn python, Full Stack development or data science can sign up for this program. However, an elementary level of programming skill is appreciated as it can help candidates to understand the concepts easier.