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Coding Bootcamp Alumni Survey

Aug 6, 2020 6:28:20 AM

Course Report, a leader in coding bootcamp information, recently published its 2015 Course Report Outcomes and Demographics Study survey of recent alumni.   National publications such as Forbes and Business Insider have been picking up the news.  Here’s our take on a few items, two in each category.

Our Program and Results

1. Python is the highest paid programming language.  Recent bootcamp graduates proficient in Python make $80,000 per year.  The first runner up,  C#, average  $65,000.  Ruby, a very popular language and the next highest paid,  made $60,000.

We must be on the right track - we were the first full-time coding bootcamp to teach Python in New York City - most others taught Ruby.  We chose Python because of its simplicity yet analytical capability making it ideal for finance, math and science.

2. Even though we are in New York City we are actually affordable!

The average student nationally paid $11,582 tuition.  At $10,000 we are almost 20% less.  If only comparing bootcamps in major cities, our discount is even more.  This number does not include $2,000 scholarships for all women.

There is a 38% average salary increase after attending coding bootcamp, added to its value.


1. With an average age of 31, bootcampers average six years in the workforce.

This usually means that they are over their partying in the 20's.   They are adults with adult responsibilities. 

2. Females graduates tend to make $10,000 more than their male counterparts after graduation.

Are we are closing the gender gap and/or do females enter bootcamp with lower paying jobs?   Are companies aggressively hiring women?

Other Musings

1. Is reading code related to reading music?

Undergraduate music majors saw the greatest salary jump after attending a bootcamp.  At Byte Academy, musicians also do extremely well.  Are these stats because musicians usually make less when they enroll?

2. Does an affinity for Chinese, French or another human  language mean an affinity for code?

Foreign Language majors are most likely to be employed as developers after graduation.  Perhaps coding bootcamps are the technical "language immersion" course out there.


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