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Data Analyst vs Data Scientist

Aug 20, 2020 8:27:22 AM

Data Analyst and Data Scientist are the hottest careers in the big data world. Most of the budding data aspirants think that Data Scientist is a jargon used for Data Analysts.

Are you confused on the difference between data analyst and data scientist? Then you have landed right. As the name implies both works with data but what they do with it, is what differentiates them from one another.

“A data scientist reveals hidden insights from new perspective

whilst a data analyst reveals answers from the known data”

Data Analyst helps in data cleaning, data understanding and provides data driven insights while they convert traditional business to data driven one. The data analyst seeks answer to the business questions for better business decisions. The core responsibility of the data analyst is to analyze the trend of the past and present data. The integrate the report across different verticals and provides overall insights from the data through visualization like dashboard, report and charts.

Whereas a Data Scientist with the expertise in statistical modeling validates, deploys and maintains the model. They will have in-depth knowledge on Machine Learning model optimization. While data analyst seeks answer to particular questions data scientist creates the key business questions. The data scientist with high model building skills predicts the model accurately that can benefit the business. Data Scientists cracks the hidden insights for better patterns and conclusions.

Business Example

How does a Data Analyst think – Customer has frequently purchased electronic gadgets (mobile, laptop etc.) And clusters him under gadget freak

How does a Data Scientist think – Predicts that the customer might purchase electronic accessories and provides recommendations based on the purchased product’s accessories.

Roles of Data Analyst includes

  • Business Intelligence Developers
  • Data Mining tool users
  • Visual Analytics users
  • SQL Developers
  • Dashboard Report Owners

Roles of Data Scientist includes

  • Data Mining Experts
  • Statistician at SME level
  • Advanced Analytics Solution Experts
  • Machine Learning Experts
  • Experiment Designers

Data Analyst plays role in both technical as well as non-technical aspects of the business by providing data-driven answers while Data Scientist helps in providing new business perspective for the organization. In terms of handling data, the role of both the data analyst and data scientist are essential on one another without which data is undervalued.

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