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10 Data Science Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Aug 17, 2020 5:18:57 AM

Podcasts have got to be everybody’s favorite mode of consuming knowledge. They pack a lot of information in a single show, provide you with a fun conversational tone for all topics and are absolutely perfect for those boring, long commutes. Listening to Data Science podcasts is a great way to stay up to date on the latest advancements in the field, coming right from the leading voices of the industry. Here are 10 of our favorite picks -


The AI Podcasts

Nvidia is at the forefront of the GPU technology that happens to be one of the key factors of growth in the AI revolution. Little wonder, then, that they’ve created a great podcast series that focuses on answering some of the most commonly asked questions by practitioners of data science, apart from featuring interviews with some very interesting thought leaders of the data science industry. While relatively new, this podcast comes highly recommended.

Great for - AI enthusiasts looking to deepen their understanding of the technical aspects of deep learning.


The Data Skeptic

It's easy to get swept up by the hype that surrounds data science and machine learning - therefore a podcast that takes a skeptic's view on all things data is a great way to learn about the latest trends minus all the hype. Featuring both interviews and expositions on topics related to statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the highlight of the series are its mini episodes wherein the host Kyle explains technical topics such as how GPU’s work to what are generative adversarial networks to his wife Linh Da, who happens to be a non-STEM person.

Great for - Absolute beginners looking for explanations on foundational topics.


Talking Machines

The hosts of Talking Machines Katherine Gorman, Ryan Adams, and now Neil Lawrence interview industry experts and explore interesting topics around machine learning, with an emphasis on real-world relevance. As the impact of machine learning continues to grow, their explorations become cornerstones in our understanding of how the field works.

Great for - Getting an in-depth analysis on machine learning techniques.


The O’Reilly Data Show

O’Reilly is one of the leading voices in data science education via their extremely popular and practical books, and this podcast is no exception. Hosted by their Chief Data Scientist Ben Lorica, the show dives into big data and data science topics and is not afraid to get technical with its explanations. A great listen for both industry players and novices looking to build a career in data science.

Great for - Keeping abreast with the latest news in data science.


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Learning Machines 101

This podcast roundup would be remiss without adding Learning Machines 101 to the list. Billed as a ‘Gentle Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’, this podcast targets the general public looking to understand the fundamentals of machine learning and AI. The show is extremely informative and a great way to get a holistic view on the subject.

Great for - Data Scientists looking for clear explanations on machine learning algorithms.


This Week in Machine Learning & AI

This podcast is the best way to keep in touch with timely topics in data science. Featuring interviews with the best professionals in the field, the podcast goes into topics as diverse as the relevance of data science in cyber security to how particle physics is relevant for audio AI. The one podcast you need to listen to for all news on Machine Learning and AI.

Great for - Getting weekly updates on the latest news in Machine Learning and AI.


The O’Reilly Bots Podcast

Perhaps the importance of podcasts as a means of education can be gauged by the fact that this is the second O'Reilly show on our list. Focusing entirely on the hot topic of bots and messaging systems, the host Jon Bruner brings the light the latest developments in the field.

Great for - Anyone interested in building bots.


Concerning AI

When Elon Musk warns you about the negative repercussions of Artificial Intelligence, you listen. This podcast, by Brandon Sanders and Ted Sarvata, elaborates on the question of what the advent of Artificial Intelligence means for the world. Unlike the technical podcasts mentioned above, it takes an exploratory approach to understanding machine learning and deep learning principles and touches on topics that are or should be relevant to people across industries. A thought provoking, extremely relevant listen.

Great for - Exploring the tough, philosophical questions regarding the advance of AI and its impact on our lives.


Linear Digressions

Topics such as artificial neural networks and the Turing problem can be inaccessible to casual listeners, but the hosts of Linear Digressions - Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe, have a knack for explaining complex topics in data science and machine learning in a clear, concise and entertaining manner, often using absurd real world examples to prove their point.

Great for - Introducing a layman to the world of data science and machine learning.


Partially Derivative

Easily our favorite podcast of the lot, Partially Derivative is hosted by Chris Albon, Jonathon Morgan and Vidya Spandana who get together over a round of drinks (!) and talk about all things data science. Aa accomplished data scientists and technologists in their own right, their conversations about data science news and articles are insightful and fun!

Great for - Those who need information and entertainment - in equal measure.

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