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Teamwork: Know Your Crew On The First Day of Bootcamp

Aug 17, 2020 5:05:47 AM

Byte Academy’s welcome breakfast for its new cohort the Traders became a bonding session with the inaugural integration of Know Your Crew, a mobile app which uses creative questions to connect groups.  Over bagels, fruit and coffee, the Traders, instructors and staff filled in the blanks to questions such as “my biggest pet peeve is______.” By doing so, students gained valuable insight into people that they would spend the next three months with.  The Traders also had an opportunity to get a heads up on Byte Academy team members as they watched them answer questions regarding each other such as “who is the most likely to give unsolicited advice?”  Of course that and all answers remain confidential ...


The head start on familiarity that Know Your Crew provided was extremely valuable as students entered a brand new program in which teamwork is key.  During bootcamp students work closely with others in their cohort and also interact in a cross-cohort mentor type system over three months -- at any one time three phases, each at a different level, exist.  Many, also, decide to link up for projects which mimics the real-word collaboration in the workforce.

Although a significant portion of Know Your Crew’s market is the work place we think it is also ideal for coding bootcamp. Although many bootcampers are dynamic, the act of programming is a notoriously anti-social.  Coding creates little room for discussion. Moreover, a bootcamp is a unique community with a span of ages, life stages and backgrounds.  In grad school and/or college, for instance, people tend to be at similar life stages or ages and also have the ability to form smaller groups based upon common interests.  Current Byte Academy students range from Brazilian to Chinese natives to Ph.Ds to seasoned bankers.  Know Your Crew hastened the break-down of boundaries for a diverse audience.

In order to support the development of strong team culture in coding and other communities we are pleased to announce the launch of our Technocrats  question pack for Know Your Crew. The game is filled with pop culture questions on technology so that individuals, friends and colleagues - even with no programming background -  can play and determine who is more Alpha, Beta (well, you know the pun).


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