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Why Byte Academy?

Dec 15, 2020 4:05:46 AM

There are a wide variety of options due to the vast range of educational systems, institutions, and virtual platforms around the world. Choosing one's career is often a dilemma as there are nested options within any chosen career path.

These days, it is very important to establish clear career goals and craft a path that gives you in-numerous opportunities to evaluate one's capability. It is essential to analyze every aspect before making a big decision. 

Following are a few insights I found useful facts to look into while making a decision in your career.

  • Industry Sustainability - The industry we are choosing must be in a boom or in demand and should be in the position to evolve for the next 5 to 10 years.
  • Market Opportunities - The skill you are taking up should have a large job market, otherwise, you don't get a lot of opportunities, and would be very hard in the initial stages of your career.
  • Precise Source - A right place to gain the essential knowledge, learn and improvise the skill set.

A career path in technology is ticking off all the above points and if you have career goals aligned with technology, here’s why Byte Academy will help you ease the career progression, achieve your goals and attain career dreams with guided assistance through your journey.


Why should I learn at Byte Academy? 

  • Bootcamps at Byte Academy are cost-effective,time-effective as you gain the desired knowledge in less time when compared to other, more traditional courses available in the market.
  • We have curated the best industry-relevant curriculum which helps you build a firm foundation on the courses you are learning at Byte Academy.
  • We understand our industry at our best through our leg two business(Spryte labs), so the courses we teach are versatile and current with the market.
  • We have experienced instructors, who pledge to give you the best experience in learning.
  • We give significance to concepts like Algorithms and Data structures which help to make our grads interview-ready when the time comes. 
  • We have our own extensive digital platform called the LMS(Learning Management System) to manage the contents we teach, recordings of the sessions,  and an AI-enabled tool to keep track of the student’s progress and performance.
  • Our repeat policy allows you to learn the material by repeating a phase at no extra cost to you. 
  • The students work on exercises related to the topics on a daily basis and we do regular assessments and help you out with required guidance.
  • Our interactive live sessions make it crystal clear to understand the topics at your pace.
  • Our main focus is on helping you get a career in coding as soon as you graduate, hence we are committed to giving you the knowledge required to cope up with the industry.
  • Our instructors are available for the most part of the day to help you out if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • We help you build a community of common coding interests. 

After the academics at Byte Academy

  • We are different from others as we persevere with our students by motivating them to discover opportunities and helping them achieve their career goals.
  • Students get hands-on experience on the concepts taught during the course in the form of mini-projects after the completion of academics. This helps in student’s self-evaluation and boosting their confidence as they work on these projects individually. There is a constant guide/ assistance from our instructors when necessary. There shall be additional research available if required.
  • Upon completing the course, graduates are, offered a two months internship program on our other platform Spryte Labs. By working wk on real-world projects in the form of sprints, this internship gives a hands-on experience in solving real-world problems which clear most of the initial hurdles faced by many newcomers in the industry.
  • We also provide career consultations after graduation, where we will be guiding you on resume building, interview preparations and the list goes on.
  • Even if you have a different career and like to switch your career path and have the right attitude, Byte Academy is the place for you. We have many examples of people who have come from different industries and successfully changed their career path.

Before the world moves ahead leaving you behind, give it a thought and skill up. You are in the right place at the right time, we are here to guide you and shape your career in the right direction, So what are we waiting for? Grab your phone and make an inquiry now.

Looking to take up Python as a career option? Byte Academy offers Full Stack Python bootcamp courses from beginner to advanced levels.


Written by Vivek J