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Why is Python and Full Stack Development considered as a Promising Career?

Aug 17, 2020 5:40:07 AM

Top Reasons to Learn Python

Python is one of the fastest growing programming language that lets you work quicker and integrate systems more efficiently. It is considered a high-level, object-oriented language. Programmers prefer Python because of its simplicity and the support for built in data structures, multiple packages and libraries that are available for free. With the usage of Python, you can build the most simplistic applications as well as complex and scientific applications. Python provides many useful features which makes it popular and valuable from the other programming languages. Python programming has found a strong foot hold in almost all fields of work such as:

  • Scientific computing
  • Research
  • Data Science
  • Web development
  • Finance and Banking
  • Automotive Industry
  • Computer Graphics and Computer Vision
  • Medical Image Processing
  • System Automation
  • Astrophysics

The list of fields implementing Python has been growing rapidly, thus giving you a wider scope and diverse opportunities to expand your career. According to Indeed.co.in, the average salary for a python developer is 4,63,583 per year in India. These results are the estimates of the salaries submitted by Python Developer employees and the user data collected from past and present jobs.

Python Innovations

Due to the support across cross-platforms and a vast majority of third-party plugins, python has been considered as the primary platform for software development across multi disciplines. The large majority of business are dependent of data science today. The domain has broadened and along with it, the scope of a python developer. In a world of rapidly growing technologies, the industries have adapted to accepting these technologies for successfully operating their services. Industrial innovations such as building engines for recommendation, risk analytics, customer segmentation, forecast of demand to IOT (Internet of Things), big data, image processing in oncology, location analytics to vehicle detection and self-driving cars, natural language processing, electronic grid system to renewable energy domain and robotics, python is essentially the core programming behind these innovations. A career in python broadens your ideas and skills as a developer as you deep dive into a world of innovations. Here are a list of popular products and services developed using Python.

  • Netflix
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Uber

Major companies and service providers such as Google search engine, Mozilla, YouTube, Reddit and many others are being powered by Python. It is worth noting that, being a skilled Python programmer you are likely in line to be hired by such top companies seeking Python programming skills.

Full Stack Development

The modern day full-stack developer possesses the working knowledge of the entire stack i.e. the front end and the back end and has gained expertise of a few layers within. Today, the full-stack development requisites are much larger and more complicated than in the past. Besides, the knowledge of the front end and the back end, handling databases, debugging and testing also fall into the category of the skills of full-stack developer, thus leading to a notion of a full-stack developer being considered a finished product in the field of web development The growth in the demand of mobile applications and devices across the globe is immense and allows for easier penetration in the accessing of the web and faster internet connectivity. These applications offer the ease of being installed on the mobile devices or can be hosted through the web. It is an exciting time for the developers to be engaged in building web applications that has a modern day infrastructure with a well synchronized back end and front end that can interactively deal with the clients. This has been possible with the skill set of the full stack developers, to see such fruitful outcome.

The trend has shifted for the demand of multi-skilled professionals. If you are looking to build your career in web development, then it is important for you to garner comprehensive knowledge about all the layers of web development process. This is possible with full stack development training and incorporating it into your skill set, you are assured to have a career full of promising opportunities. Organizations look to have efficiency with increase in productivity front while reducing the developmental time of their projects causing an increase in demand for full stack developers in the global market. The estimates for the average salary of a full stack developer is found to be 6,05,019 in India as per the reports of Indeed.co.in.

Future Trends in Full Stack development

According to LinkedIn’ s emerging job reports of 2020, full-stack engineer is ranked 4th on the list of the top emerging jobs of the year. A growth of 35% has been observed on per year basis since 2015. A full-stack developer is being considered an asset to any company and top industries are on the lookout for hiring top talents in the field. Some of the major trends that has been associated with web technology to adapt in 2020:

  • Integration of Blockchain technology
  • IOT systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data security
  • Voice search integration
  • Prioritizing progressive web apps and accelerated mobile pages
  • Motion User Interface
  • Microservice Architecture (also known as Micro frontends)

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