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Intro to Data Science dives deeper into the field of machine learning to teach you the skills required to build a machine learning model

Intro to Data Science

Our Intro to Data Science Course provides an introduction to Data Science and covers basic software engineering and machine learning. Students who have some programming experience or who have completed our Intro to Python class can take their education to the next level with our Intro to Data Science course.


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What You'll Learn

This one month course covers the basics of software development and machine learning. The goal of the course is to write a machine learning model that can accurately predict handwritten digits.

We will use the popular MNIST digit recognition dataset to train our model, and the end result will be a fully functioning machine learning model you can display to potential employers.


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Value: A Complete Project

Upon completion of this course, you will have built a basic machine learning neural network model that recognizes hand-written digits. This project will leverage the popular machine learning libraries numpy, pandas, tensorflow and keras to build a fully functioning application that learns how to read numbers. The best part is, you can show this off to your family and friends!

Is coding for you? Keep learning

Should you want to continue your education and launch a career in Data Science, our Intro to Data Science class is an excellent preparation for our Data Science Bootcamp.

A high score on the assessment in our Intro Data Science class allows an exemption from the admissions test, and the fee for the Intro to Data Science is discounted from our tuition.

A high score on the assessment in any of our Intro classes allows an exemption from the admissions test, and the fee for the Intro programs is discounted from our bootcamp tuition.

Many of our most successful students have started our introductory classes.

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Cohort Start Dates

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Next start date: TBD 2022




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28 September 2020



Week 1: Software Basics
  • Python Basics
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Databases
Week 2: Machine Learning
  • What is Machine Learning
  • Regression
  • The math behind learning
Week 3: Neural Networks
  • Feedforward Neural Network
  • Model Analysis
Week 4: Application Devlopment
  • Creating an Application
  • Scalable Development


  • Intro to Python
  • Or you may test out of Intro to Python (please speak with an admissions officer for this option)


Class Schedule

  • Monday to Thursday: 10 am - 5 pm for 1 week


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Admissions & Fees

Intro to Data Science



Intro to Python

₹ 2000


No admission requirement. Pay ₹2000 and get admitted. Seats are limited and get assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Take it to the Next Level

Alumni Success Stories

Yulia, who enrolled in our FinTech course, is also the first female graduate of Byte Academy. Read about her experience transitioning from Finance into FinTech in addition to perceptions she experienced as a woman (and non-US citizen) in the tech community. Yulia is currently a Data Scientist at Plaid.*
Byte really understands what it takes to get a great job…I can genuinely say that the learning which Byte Academy provided me with, was pinnacle to receiving an offer.
Byte Academy has been fantastic… I really like launching myself into an immersive hands on program from day one. Where an experience like this teaches you the theory, but every moment is devoted to learning how to apply that theory.
via Perth, Australia
The skills I learned helped me pivot into the tech industry. The base language of Byte, Python, is particularly valuable for anyone looking to get into data-intensive industries or roles (I recently accepted a position as a Data Integration Engineer).
Having exposure to CFD, I learned how mathematical models are used to solve analysis problems. I wanted to know the coding behind them and then do it myself. But it was implemented in C++, which has a hard learning curve. Recently learned about data science & since it was done using Python which is comparatively easier, I got interested in data science. Its scope for implementing improvements, optimizations & new practices based upon data analysis interested me. I can also go into machine learning & take advantage of the large data sets available. And also due to growing opportunities in the field.
c. raj india
C. Rajshekhar
CFD Analyst, Data Science
I heard Python was the most comprehensive programming language so I wanted to learn it. I heard about Byte Academy from a friend studying there. Also, I wanted to return to India and Byte offered the perfect opportunity for me to do that. It also seemed like a small institution where I could get all the hands-on learning I need to learn to program.
india testimonial 2
Mathai Puthiakunnel
University Student, Python Bootcamp Graduate
My experience at Byte Academy Bangalore was a life changing one. I went from having no experience with coding to being very comfortable with Python and SQL. The experience was both challenging and exciting and requires a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep up with the intense curriculum and work load. The teaching assistants were always helpful and very knowledgable. I would recommend this school to anyone without coding experience and especially to people who have a passion for working with computers. This was truly an amazing experience.
Lebohang Mashatola
Python Bootcamp Graduate

Meet Your Instructors

Trainer Profile - Ashwin Ravi

Ashwin Ravi

Lead Instructor

Ashwin is a Presenter and Influencer for the right reasons. He can listen and adapt quick. Strong technical and non technical skills. Ready to help is his mantra. Data analysis, Team Strategic Player , Web Development and Python Programming are his biggest assets.

Trainer Profile - Vivek J

Vivek J


Vivek J is a FullStack Trainer at Byte Academy. He has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. He has worked on projects related to CRM, Inventory management, and Data analytics at Byte Academy. His areas of interest include Web Development, Finance, Travel.

Trainer Profile - Indira US

Indira US


Indira is a highly enthusiastic professional with experience from telecom software industry, who chose to be a technical trainer in her second innings of career. Passionate in Web Development having skills in Python Programming Language and Front End Technologies. Loves creativity. Enjoys her free time trying out new recipes and watching Interior design videos.

Nikhil Panchal

Nikhil Panchal


Nikhil is a seasoned IT professional with over 15 years of experience working in the Technology divisions of Top Tier Investment banks on Wall Street. During his career, he has worked on a variety of applications in the FinTech space that range from Client facing Investment websites to core back-end trading systems. He holds a Masters's degree in Computer Science from Binghamton University, New York as well as an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business. His areas of interest range in a variety of topics in both computer science and finance, the main ones being Web programming and Long term Value Investing. In his spare time, Nikhil enjoys reading and spending time with his family.