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Byte Academy's MedTech Program

Aug 12, 2020 9:26:32 AM

Learn to Code for the Medical Industry With New York City’s first MedTech Program!

Also a score for diversity as one of NYC’s top female engineers spearheads it

Byte Academy, the first programming school to teach FinTech (Financial Technology), expands course offerings by launching the first MedTech (Medical Technology) bootcamp in New York City. Curriculum will emphasize project-based learning that prepares students for careers in the MedTech and HealthTech (Healthcare Technology) fields.

Led by Rebecca Sealfon, one of New York City’s top female engineers, according to Recruitloop, the coursework will emphasize career-oriented MedTech learning with emphasis on topics that come up in MedTech interviews. These include data structures and algorithms, big data and APIs, user interface and user experience and rational, statistics in healthcare analytics and how to identify medical technology in software applications with emphasis on preparation for a career in those.

Ms. Sealfon will utilize her technical expertise along with her extensive biology and medical background to teach the course.  After graduating magna cum laude from Princeton University with an MS in ecology and evolutionary biology, Ms. Sealfon went on to receive an  MS in biology from Duke University then her MS in computational biology at Columbia.  She also is a national Scripps spelling bee winner and founded ResearchMatch. Ms. Sealfon leads New York Software Engineers, New York City’s largest software engineering meetup and also Problem Solving Practice for Coders.

About Byte Academy

Located in New York City, Byte Academy offers industry-focused programs with small classes, career services, and emphasis on full-stack Python development.  Women receive $1,000 scholarships to the program.  Through its Tuition-Deferral Program, qualified applicants pay zero upfront.  For more information, visit http://www.byteacademy.co/.


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