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Byte's Top Four Fall (Indoor) Activities

Aug 12, 2020 9:26:19 AM

While it may still be warm enough to turn over those hamburgers on the grill, the days are getting shorter, clothes are getting darker; and, although we may resist it, fall is here.  We will soon be spending more time indoors and our extracurricular activities will also be making the switch. So, how do we keep ourselves stimulated and occupied (without the sun, sand and water)?

Hackathons.  These occur in many major cities and are great to both participate in and watch (in fact we have two of our top students at one now).  For events in our home New York City, we check out NYC Hackathon and Gary’s Guide (a great, general resource for NYC and Silicon Valley tech happenings).

Power Brunch. Yes, you can organize your own or you can get a helping hand from organizations such as brunchwork.  Brunchwork organizes a brunch once or more a month for young professionals.  Food and mimosas are included in admission as are top guest speakers, competition, networking and connecting with hungry local influencers (after attending one of our team members made multiple business contacts).  Brunchwork’s upcoming events include September 13 with the founders of Spoon University and September 27 with the CEO of Timehop.

Mind Enrichment.  For those who want to learn but don’t have time for a full-time programByte Academy is hosting part-time workshops.  Our next one is on September 17 when data science (aka “Big Data”) expert Femi Anthony, author of Mastering Pandas, teaches a Data Science and Python workshop.  Harvard Business Review recently called the Data Sciences “the sexiest job of the 21st century.” Data Scientists also are very well paid earning a median salary of $110,000.  Come learn about this great profession (and maybe earn a couple dollars in the future).

Volunteer. Before you know it, the holiday season will be here but why not spread holiday cheer now? We particularly like organizations that promote learning and technology such as ScriptEd which teaches students in under-resourced schools fundamental coding skills and professional experiences that create access to careers in technology. In addition to looking for volunteer teachers,  ScriptEd also needs volunteers for its events throughout the year.  Some hackathons, also, raise money for charity such as Coders vs. Cancer’s Hacking Through the Glass Ceiling: Women in Tech Unite Against Breast Cancer  . There is no reason not to do good and hack at once.

With all this indoor activities we Winter hibernation may just be avoided this year.


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