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Python for Web Development

Sep 22, 2020 4:14:23 AM

Python came into existence in the late 80’s, which was influenced by the programming languages such as Modula-3 and ABC. Since the first release in 1991 to becoming an open source programming language, Python has evolved through the times and has gained immense popularity among the programmers to this day. Python is powerful, yet simple and easy to learn. With an abundant support of libraries, Python is the most accepted preferred programming language. The rapid growth and utilization of Python as a programming language to various fields of work has seen an increase in the number of job prospects as a python developer, marking a wide range of field of interest for every individual.

Python for web development: Is it advantageous?

In general terms, web development is defined as the designing, development and maintenance of the websites. The web development process includes a front-end that is responsible for the interaction with the clients, and a back-end, which is the business logic and involves in the interaction with the database.

Although, Python has been regarded as the ideal language for data scientist, machine learning and artificial intelligence experts, Python has been considered a solid option for web development. It has outshone with its results in the category of web development. Some of the most popular social media websites rely on Python for its platform that has a web traffic of millions on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at the possible reasons on why Python for web development is advantageous.

  • Functionality with lesser coding: Web development is no easy task. Python stands out as compared to other programming language as it can make your life easier and provide you with more functions with minimal lines of code.
  • Range of libraries: Python offers a wide range of libraries that are supported and packages, which allows for reducing the application development time which is very crucial.
  • Less complex and readability: The simplicity of Python as a programming language with easy syntax allows to form clearer relationship with the elements in an application. Good visualization capacity makes it easy to read. There is a tolerability of mistakes in the codes written in Python, that allows for your code to run and not break when an error occurs.
  • Frameworks: Another aspect of Python’s popularity in web development is its flexibility with frameworks. A vast range of frameworks are supported in Python, which as a web developer will grab your attention to simplify your web development process.
  • Scientific usability and integration: There are numerous packages and libraries available in python that allows you to develop scientific or numeric based applications with ease. Python is also easily integrated with other traditional programming languages such as Java, PHP or .NET, which is a huge plus for developing enterprise level applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence: As artificial intelligence gains more attention and being incorporated into various projects, including options such as chatbots, Python is your answer, with ample machine learning packages for your requisites.

Why do we need Frameworks?

A web framework refers to a collection of built in packages that includes pre-written codes for the development of web based applications, resulting in reducing the developmental time and making the application faster and easier and making the program more scalable and reliable.

Python frameworks are used for the backend development i.e. connection to the databases. While it is not mandatory to use a web framework, it is recommended if you are looking to develop complex application at a lesser time. Here are a few of the popular Python web development based frameworks.

  • Django
  • WebApp2
  • Flask
  • Pyramid
  • TurboGears
  • Bottle
  • CherryPy

We will briefly discuss Django and Flask framework, which are by far the most well-known of all the frameworks listed.

Django Framework: Django is a Python web based framework, which is open source. Django offers detailed documentation and community support. With this framework, you are assured to have scalability and security in your web application and it is fast. Django offers full-stack framework requisites such as web templates, authentication and authorization of the account, routing and much more. Django framework is widely used by web applications that are heavy on the content and often involved with huge web traffic. Some of the largest companies that favor Django for their products.

  • Instagram
  • MIT
  • Coursera
  • Pinterest
  • Dropbox
  • Spotify

Flask Framework: Flask is yet another popular framework. It is considered as a micro framework, meaning that it lacks some features and certain functionalities as compared to frameworks like Django. Flask is considered as a light version with a minimalistic approach i.e. extensions and libraries are manually added as per the requirement of the developer. The simple idea behind Flask as a framework is that it provides you only the components you need to build your web application, thus offering you the flexibility and control over it. Flask is used by some of the notable companies.

  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • LinkedIn

So what are the closing thoughts?

Python offers you a wide opportunity to direct your career as a web developer. While with the knowledge of Python, you are not only static as a web developer but offers you a wider scope of possibilities to be explored. As a Python web developer you will have the clear and concise knowledge of building simple and complex applications with ease. Whether you are getting started with your career or an expert professional in the web development, adding Python to your knowledge repository gives you an edge in the job market. As a developer, Python will allow you to meet deadlines with ease as well as have the capability to deliver quality work with projects on a budget or delivering well with complex projects. Start your career today by mastering Python and give your career the much needed boost.

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