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Behind The Future of Work

Aug 6, 2020 6:21:00 AM

LiquidTalent, a job matching platform focused on tech officially launched last week after gaining a significant presence in its home, New York City. “Liquid Talent,” is an industry buzz word for intensive on the job training and refers to the opportunities to broaden employee skill sets and work on client business in different geographies and across disciplines. LiquidTalent’s job platform matches candidates – talent -  to hirers based on actual projects, rather than resumes.  The significance of school GPA? “Not important,” says CEO and Co-Founder Alex Abelin, “we really want to see the actual work you have done and what you can do.” Alex had been at Google many years before launching his company.


So what is the future of work?

According to Abelin, "soft skills" and "not losing our humanity" are very significant in our Future of Work conversation. He explained that 21st century professionals still need to get out there, connect face-to-face and not get too comfortable by only interacting through digital devices. The Future of Work needs that "human element" big time.

LiquidTalent’s pathway indicates that the Company takes Abelin’s philosophy to heart. Emphasizing in-person events, Community Manager Kanwal Jehan, spreads awareness of the Company throughout the City.  She gave a presentation to students at Byte Academy inviting them to their “The Future of Work” summits during soft launch.  These events, held in both Manhattan and the South Bronx, explored what the next generation of work will look like.  Partners and supporters included organizations such as Teach for America and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. Already, Liquid Talent has 200+ technology companies using its platform in the New York City area alone, largely in part to community initiatives that connect real people.

Abelin intends to expand LiquidTalent to other cities while continuing to use events in order to promote human connections.  He elaborates, “LiquidTalent wants to continue incorporating ways to promote soft skills, and our events bring people together in the real world.  Our events are immersive, spirited and truly bring people together to unite community.”  We wish Abelin and his team much luck.

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Written by Emily