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Blockchain Developers are in High Demand: Are you Ready?

Aug 6, 2020 6:18:30 AM

Blockchain has emerged as the next big thing in highly paid IT careers with the demand increasing almost 2000% according to Upwork (global freelancing platform). From a part time passion project to the hottest skill in demand - blockchain technology has come a long way. Blockchain distributed ledger system is proving to be effective in securely storing records of transactions and industries from finance to medicine to agriculture are moving quickly to integrate the technology into their services and systems.

To do so, they need blockchain developers which have rocketed in demand. Since mid 2016, the interest in blockchain expanded beyond a few hobbyists and enthusiasts to being THE sought after technology by larger companies in industries such as banking, healthcare, cryptocurrency exchange, education and video collaboration. At the beginning of this year, Upwork (a global freelancing platform) reported that blockchain development is the second most demanded skill in the labor market comparing the growth of blockchain similar to that of ‘cloud’ in mid 2000s.

As they search for blockchain developers, hiring managers are realizing that there is a huge skill gap in the market, particularly as the technology has not matured like Java and Cloud. The general consensus is that there are 14 job openings for 1 blockchain developer at any given time. In the US, blockchain developers can command salaries anywhere between $150,000 to $250,000charging as much as $200 per hour for freelancing (Upwork).Consistent with these numbers, Toptal, the on-demand tech talent marketplace says that the demand for blockchain developers on their platform has grown by 700%.


Given the immense opportunity, you may find yourself eager to go into blockchain development. If you are a web developer with extensive knowledge in C, C++ and Python,you have an advantage most employers look for proficiency in C, C++, Java or Python.  Blockchain developers tend to be hired to design, implement and support a distributed ledger blockchain based network.. Experience in blockchain iterations like Hyperledger and Solidity will give you a better chance of commanding an even higher salary. Strong understanding of cryptography, hash functions, encryption, block integration will be a huge plus. Full stack experience is also a preferred by employers looking for blockchain candidates.  

Why Python is the preferred language among developers?

Click on any blockchain tutorial on the net and the chances are you will find one where the blockchain code is written in Python. Python is the preferred language among developers for its simplicity and minimalism. Extensive support libraries for string operations, operating system interfaces, user friendly data structures and its clean object oriented design make it a favorite among developers as it increases productivity and speed of development. Most developers prefer to pair C++ and Python while developing a blockchain code.

Opting to learn Python full stack and blockchain development can open you to a world of new possibilities.

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Written by Kiran Datar