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    Data Science vs Machine Learning - Exploring the two paradigms

    By Kiran Datar on Aug 17, 2020 1:34:10 PM

    Data Science is the coveted new career around the block but not many can define the exact role of a data scientist. Being a relatively new field of work with people signing up for the role from different backgrounds, data science as a discipline requires a very broad skill set. Data mining, data analysis, machine learning, business analysis, data visualization, A/B testing are some of the skills a data scientist should have.

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    Blockchain set to transform Industries

    By Kiran Datar on Aug 12, 2020 8:58:57 AM

    Blockchain technology is commonly misconstrued as being applicable only for cryptocurrencies. As a secure, immutable ledger technology, blockchain can be applied to many use cases in several industries. The very nature of blockchain makes it a secure application for use in transfer of value or as storehouses of critical information. Because of its flexibility, the finance industry is already looking at other use cases for blockchain, one of them being online payments. The transparency and simplicity of blockchain makes it easy for anyone with an internet connection to transfer and receive funds without having to pay exorbitant amounts in banking fees.  

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    Blockchain Developers are in High Demand: Are you Ready?

    By Kiran Datar on Aug 6, 2020 6:18:30 AM

    Blockchain has emerged as the next big thing in highly paid IT careers with the demand increasing almost 2000% according to Upwork (global freelancing platform). From a part time passion project to the hottest skill in demand - blockchain technology has come a long way. Blockchain distributed ledger system is proving to be effective in securely storing records of transactions and industries from finance to medicine to agriculture are moving quickly to integrate the technology into their services and systems.

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