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Debug Duck Dare

Aug 17, 2020 4:20:09 AM

We dare you to talk to your rubber ducky...

Our students are taking the Debug Duck Dare and we invite you to join!


The thought is that when programmers talk a problem out they can actually solve it. So, there is an actual process called rubber ducking (or rubber duck debugging), wherein a developer explains their code to an inanimate object like a rubber duck, in lieu of an actual person. The name is in reference to Pragmatic Programmer, an influential book in the software engineering world in which a programmer carries around a rubber duck and debugs their code by forcing themselves to explain it line by line.

So, on the first day of class we give students a rubber ducky that they may talk to that helps them through troubleshooting their code.

Initially students may laugh a little and write off the process as a cute gimmick rather than a teaching moment. Although some students have really gone all out with one student even taking their ducky to the Summit of Mount Rainier.

" One of the most important skills as a developer is learning how you think and how to tackle problems. The toughest thing for many students to learn isn't the actual syntax or process of writing code, but how to take a different approach to a problem when they can't find a solution. Even if you're not actually talking to your duck out loud, it's a reminder to step back when you're stuck and re-evaluate your problem. "

Greg, Byte Academy Fellow (pictured above with his rubber ducky)

#DebugDuckDare Rules

So, you don't need to head to Mount Rainier (below) with your duck but we do want you to get creative! The contest is open to programmers and aspiring programmers alike.

Post photos of your duck with hashtag #debugduckdare on social media. Whoever gets the most likes, shares, retweets wins per day of posting wins.

The contest will run one month beginning Wednesday, March 13.  Because the winner is chosen based on engagement per day of posting you may join at any time.

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Winners receive bragging rights, a blog interview and complimentary evening workshop or event tickets.


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Written by Emily