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Student Interview: From Aerospace To Blockchain CTO

Aug 12, 2020 9:05:09 AM

Meet recent grad Stephane Gallet, whose background includes founding a travel company (based in Brazil) and aerospace.  Even before  graduating Byte's immersive blockchain  bootcamp program, Stephane was offered a role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO)/ VP Engineering at one of New York City's leading blockchain startups where he currently is loving his job.  (He even stops by to visit and collaborate with the team from his Alma Mater).

Gaining word of Stephane's unique (and impressive) story, Switchup, a leading coding education resource recently  decided to feature an interview with him.  In it,  Stephane discusses his experience at Byte, passion for blockchain and tips for those considering finding a career in the space, or learning how to code in general. He also describes how he managed his time developing his blockchain expertise while being very active in the New York City tech community.  Read the complete interview here.


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Written by Emily