5 min read

    Top 10 Datasets for Deep Learning

    By Manavika Phukan on Aug 17, 2020 1:33:34 PM

    The strength and robustness of a machine learning algorithm often lies in the quality of the dataset used to train it. Therefore, it would suffice to say that to gain true mastery within these fields, it is imperative that a person gains experience over a variety of machine learning problems that deal with a variety of datasets - ranging from image processing to speech recognition.

    Topics: Deep Learning Data Science
    4 min read

    A Beginner's Guide to Deep Learning

    By Byte on Aug 17, 2020 5:15:02 AM

    As long as there has been Science Fiction, the idea that machines are smarter than humans has always captivated our collective imagination. But while Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not reached that level yet, we have made considerable advances towards developing machine intelligence, as evidenced by Google, Tesla, and Uber experimenting with self-driven cars. The reason why AI has successfully burst out of universities and research labs into product is largely due to the scalability and usefulness of Deep Learning, the Machine Learning technique making this technological progress possible.

    Topics: Deep Learning Machine Learning AI Data Science
    9 min read

    Visualizing Time Series Data of Stock Prices

    By Khaing Win on Aug 6, 2020 6:14:51 AM

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    Time series data, simply put, is a set of data points collected at regular time intervals.  We encounter time series data every day in our lives - stock prices, real estate market prices, energy usage at our homes and so on. So why should we care about this data? Because understanding time series data, especially of stock prices, could help you to be on a path to make $$$.

    Topics: Deep Learning Python Data Science