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    Fireside Chat w/Vikram Pandit - Editor-In-Chief @ Finance Disrupted

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 4:48:59 AM


    No, we did not learn his presidential preferences (although that was a pressing topic). Vikram Pandit, the former CEO of Citigroup Inc. was a guest speaker at the Economist’s Finance Disrupted (#FinanceDisrupted) conference recently in New York City put on by Economist Events (great job Stephanie and Maria)  The theme, “Collaborate or Die,” featured fireside chats with leading FinTech experts on topics such as blockchain, financial inclusion, insurance and moreThe Economist news desk Editor-In-Chief, Zanny Minton Beddoes, chatted with Pandit in the late afternoon. In attempts to make this coverage “hot off the press” before the conference ends (!)

    Here are some quick interesting bits we learned:
    • Vikram still takes taxis (revealed during discussion of the different business models of Uber vs. taxi medallions)
    • And, maybe older than we think (guess it’s those genes): He still remembers when Mosaic (?!) was around (sharing this while making the point that FinTech is in early stages)
    • He loves Singapore (the moderator brought this up after he mentioned the country 3x) Why? Government policy towards regulation (Byte Academy loves Singapore too :)
    • He does not like picking banking partnersModerator: “Who you would pick as a partner with if you were back in banking?” Vikram: “Thank G-d I don’t have to make that decision.”

    Overall Vikram was a diplomat avoiding the moderator’s attempts to extract a true opinion (for instance, he avoided her question “does the US suck with regulation?")

    Stay tuned for a more extensive follow-up on the Economist’s FinTech Disrupted conference…



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    Big Data, Machine Learning and Other Themes From Finovate Europe

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 4:16:30 AM

    In early February, Finovate Europe, a sold-out, two-day conference in London brought together more than 1500 on a guest list composed of the “who’s who in FinTech” – VC’s, founders, press and more. The conference is perhaps only surpassed in size by its original, Finovate Fall in New York.  Products were launched by 70 companies from around the world - both startups and larger veterans.  However, no matter what the size or founder's native language, a few themes were common.  These included personalization, big data, machine learning and white labeling.  Some even indicated a shift from Finovate Fall a few months prior.


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    An Overview of India's Current Banking Landscape

    By saloni samant on Aug 12, 2020 9:27:20 AM

    Guest post by Arvind Padmanabhan, from Indian Engineering Design Forum, who attended our event this week on "Demonetization and its impact on FinTech and Digital Payments" in Bangalore.

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    How the Banking Sector Can Combat Cyber Attacks: A Checklist

    By Byte on Aug 6, 2020 5:29:49 AM

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    It is no secret that Cyber Crime is only escalating in this day and age. In fact, in 2016, it was reported that 54% of organizations have been hit with cyber crime in the last two years.  As one can imagine, the banking sector is considered as one of the most vulnerable as far as cyber crime is concerned. 

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    FinTech Future: Banks and Startup Alliances In Ten Years

    By Byte on Apr 20, 2016 10:50:33 AM

    Here's a piece that caught our eye by Eyal Lifshitz as originally published in TechCrunch ...

    Banking as we know it is in the midst of its first fundamental remaking in centuries. What’s driving this transformation? Two major shifts: our transition to interacting with money digitally instead of physically, which opened finances to tech disruption, and a tech wave that has changed the way consumers define ease and convenience.

    In just 10 years, we can expect banks (and other financial institutions) to look, from the outside, like a vastly different organization: a technology startup. That doesn’t mean branches will offer nap pods and catered lunches; rather, your bank will have placed newfound emphasis on the design and customer experience paradigm that has changed while retail banking has been playing catch-up.

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