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    An Intuitive Overview of React

    By Byte on Sep 22, 2020 4:09:18 AM


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    Applications of Python in Data Science

    By Byte on Sep 18, 2020 6:44:20 AM

    Data Science is the hottest job of this century and companies irrespective of the domain they work on are expanding their business to support analytics and make meaning insights from the data. Data has become an asset to every organization wherein it helps in taking business decisions and helps in the growth of the organization.

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    Data Analyst vs Data Scientist

    By Byte on Aug 20, 2020 8:27:22 AM

    Data Analyst and Data Scientist are the hottest careers in the big data world. Most of the budding data aspirants think that Data Scientist is a jargon used for Data Analysts.

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    Data Science vs Machine Learning - Exploring the two paradigms

    By Kiran Datar on Aug 17, 2020 1:34:10 PM

    Data Science is the coveted new career around the block but not many can define the exact role of a data scientist. Being a relatively new field of work with people signing up for the role from different backgrounds, data science as a discipline requires a very broad skill set. Data mining, data analysis, machine learning, business analysis, data visualization, A/B testing are some of the skills a data scientist should have.

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    Top 3 Ways Data Analytics Can Reduce Costs In Healthcare and Medicine

    By Sejal Gupta on Aug 17, 2020 1:34:00 PM

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    Career Transition: Data Scientist Q&A

    By Byte on Aug 17, 2020 1:33:51 PM

    At Byte Academy, we teach a variety of courses within the field of Data Science. From our full-time immersive to our mini-courses in topics like Machine Learning and Data Visualization, we're consistently asked about what a career transition into Data Science looks like. To provide some guidance to our prospective students and blog readers, we've asked our own Data Scientist, Lesley Cordero, for her own perspective on frequently asked questions.

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    Top 10 Datasets for Deep Learning

    By Manavika Phukan on Aug 17, 2020 1:33:34 PM

    The strength and robustness of a machine learning algorithm often lies in the quality of the dataset used to train it. Therefore, it would suffice to say that to gain true mastery within these fields, it is imperative that a person gains experience over a variety of machine learning problems that deal with a variety of datasets - ranging from image processing to speech recognition.

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    The Worst Kind of Data: Missing Data

    By Uday Keith on Aug 17, 2020 1:33:23 PM

    Most publicly available datasets or datasets at the workplace are complete. However, from time to time we encounter datasets where some or many entries are missing. The problem of missing data exists on a spectrum; only a few entries missing among millions is virtually negligible, however, upwards of 10% of missing data can be crippling.

    The exact problem of missing data contains multiple layers, so let us proceed to peel it like the onion it is.  At its most basic, enough missing data may skew the distribution(s) the data follows.

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    The Music Industry is Rapping to Data Science

    By Byte on Aug 17, 2020 1:33:13 PM

    From the Beatles to Taylor Swift, everyone's music is available digitally now. People used to think technology is killing the music industry, but it's technology which is reviving it. So for musicians who are also interested in programming, data science is one way to get onboard with the idea. Spotify and Pandora know just the right track to play next thanks to data science. Wondering which song did well and why, look no further, the answer is in data science.


    Pandora was perhaps the frontrunner of combining the two when it started the 'Music Genome Project' way back in 1999 before terms like Big Data even existed. The project considers songs as datasets and analyzes each song using up to 450 distinct musical characteristics or “genes”. A person – a trained music analyst with an actual degree in music – and automated algorithms comb through the song and classify it as Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop/Electronica, Jazz, World Music, and Classical. Decoding the “genes” of the song helps Pandora find the similarities and then successfully predict what a user might like listening to next.

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    The Beautiful Binomial Logistic Regression

    By Uday Keith on Aug 17, 2020 1:32:57 PM

    The Logistic Regression is an important classification model to understand in all its complexity. There are a few reasons to consider it:

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