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    Valentine’s Day Special: How To Date A Programmer

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 5:30:46 AM

    This special piece is written by one of our team members who took the jump into dating a programmer before she had experience in tech, a few years back (while he picked up Python, she picked up Mandarin.)

    When we went on our first date, he turned up with a backpack. In his defense, we did meet on a workday. I knew he was studying Computer Science at New York University, I knew a lot of programmers. It's hard to be an Indian and not have any programmers in the family.

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    5 Things Employers Look for in a Graduate

    By saloni samant on Aug 17, 2020 4:58:54 AM

    Looking for a job after graduation? With more and more students graduating every year, employers have a huge choice when it comes to selecting the most highly skilled and qualified candidates. Therefore it is imperative to gain an edge and beat the competition to get your dream first job. We list out 5 things employers are on the look-out for when hiring graduates.

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    Behind the Bar: Observations from a Hackathon Newbie & Bartender

    By Karina on Aug 17, 2020 4:46:00 AM

    Being a hackathon newbie until this weekend, I had always imagined hackathons as a room filled with glasses wearing programming nerds.  Bartending my first, I realized that they are fun, bonding experiences filled with innovation and networking opportunities.

    I served as bartender of the “Byte Bar” which was sponsored by Byte Academy, the coding bootcamp that partnered with StartupBootcamp FinTech, a global accelerator, on the event.  This was StartupBootcamp’s first hackathon in the United States and appropriately called FinTech City Never Sleeps. Developers, VCs, designers, and more from across industries came together to solve some of the greatest challenges in financial technology. Categories of challenges included Financial Trust, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Inclusion, and Target Niche Banking. Technology, energy drinks, banks and companies from around the world sponsored the event, even providing beer openers (thank you Xignite for making my life easier…)


    Aside from the enrollees, comedians, industry experts, volunteers and business minds contributed to the 24 hour event. Cody Hess, a coding instructor, MC’ed the orchestration. His programming jokes still make me laugh..

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    Byte's Top Four Fall (Indoor) Activities

    By Emily on Aug 12, 2020 9:26:19 AM

    While it may still be warm enough to turn over those hamburgers on the grill, the days are getting shorter, clothes are getting darker; and, although we may resist it, fall is here.  We will soon be spending more time indoors and our extracurricular activities will also be making the switch. So, how do we keep ourselves stimulated and occupied (without the sun, sand and water)?

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    Byte Wellness: 5 Relaxation Tips For Fall

    By Emily on Aug 12, 2020 9:00:01 AM

    We are excited to have Elena Beloff, top rated New York Post and ABC Good Morning America corporate wellness coach (and hypnotist) team up with Byte's Wellness Program for a meditation session and intro to hypnosis on on the first day of October.

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    Top Five Reasons To Fall In Love With Programming

    By Emily on Aug 6, 2020 6:59:25 AM

    This Valentine's Day we want to express our love for programming - we've narrowed it to our top five.  We are particularly passionate for Python, the coding language which our full-stack curriculum emphasizes.  It's also used heavily in the data sciences, one of our courses we feel tingly about.  Maybe once you learn some more about programming, you'll fall in love too.

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    Fashion Tech Meets FinTech (An NYC Fashion Week Special)

    By Emily on Aug 6, 2020 4:52:10 AM

    Byte Academy coding bootcamp and Felix Gray eyewear kicked off a collaboration and demo for campus "Fashion Tech Week" paralleling New York Fashion Week in mid February.  Although Felix Gray is only in soft launch, participating Byte Academy students and community members received free Felix Gray glasses for a demo period concluding Friday, February 26.  The glasses have filtering technology which block blue light and reduces eyestrain. Upon conclusion, Felix Gray will talk to Byte students and community members answering questions on the product, the technology behind it, and what startup life is like.

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