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    Our Students' and Team's Video Debut!

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 5:36:19 AM

    Our student and instructor videos have debuted (the Academy is already preparing their Oscar nominations)...

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    Meet Christie, Our New Campus Director

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 5:33:43 AM

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    Valentine’s Day Special: How To Date A Programmer

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 5:30:46 AM

    This special piece is written by one of our team members who took the jump into dating a programmer before she had experience in tech, a few years back (while he picked up Python, she picked up Mandarin.)

    When we went on our first date, he turned up with a backpack. In his defense, we did meet on a workday. I knew he was studying Computer Science at New York University, I knew a lot of programmers. It's hard to be an Indian and not have any programmers in the family.

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    Blockchain is passé (It’s All About DLT)

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 5:20:06 AM

    The SEC and Goldman Sachs have recently tackled the over-and often misleading-usage of the word “blockchain.”  To remedy this perhaps, companies are banning the use of the word “blockchain,” instead using the term “Digital Ledger Technology,” or,  DLT for short?

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    Data Scientist Interview: A Perspective On Artificial Intelligence

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 5:15:26 AM

    Recently HealthTech Women, a national non-profit, sat down with our Data Science instructor, Lesley Cordero to get an inside look at Artificial Intelligence, or, "AI" and how it is impacting society, particularly in healthcare and medicine.    Lesley provides her perspective in this interview in addition to a more general understanding of AI and related concepts such as machine learning, natural language processing and big data.

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    Blockchain - used for medicine, theme parks and ticketing?

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 5:12:58 AM

    *Exclusive interview from Peter Shiau, CEO and CoFounder of Blockstack.io 

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    Women Coders in Tech? (Kick More Ass With Scholarships)

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 5:10:01 AM

    In the 1940's more than half of programmers were women, yet, that proportion hovers around 25% today, with many studies finding that the actual percentage of women is closer to 10% - 20%.  When big tech companies revealed how few of their female employees worked in programming  jobs in 2014, Google had some of the highest rates - 17% of technical roles were occupied by women.

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    What Tools Are Spreading Usage of the Blockchain?

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 5:08:02 AM

    Perhaps no other development is as well known for its “disruptive” nature than the blockchain, the digital, decentralized ledger behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that has held the spotlight over the past year.  Banks all around the world are exploring the blockchain’s capabilities.  It may significantly reduce overhead costs in the financial sector.


    Some of the latest technologies which use the blockchain and increases its applications by developers were presented at FinDEVr, the FinTech for developers conference held in New York City at the end of this March.  This was the first time that New York City was added to the FinDEVr roster after a long history of the conference being held in San Francisco in the fall. Especially considering the diminishing line dividing technology and Wall Street, it’s about time that the conference headed East...

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    A Banker's Guide To Winning His First Hackathon

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 4:54:50 AM

    Hackathons aren't all about  glasses, geeks, pocket-protectors, and Red Bull, although such stereotypes may turn off many from entering them...
    This may have been the case with Dan Griffin, a self proclaimed "finance guy," who had considered entering a hackathon for years.   A banker at JP Morgan, and Byte Academy FinTech student, Dan acted on his aspiration when he signed up for the Startupbootcamp FinTech x AARP FinTech hackathon.   Dan and his team's product "Famancials" ended up winning the Hack.   Below we interview Dan who describes his first hackathon experience (which he found surprisingly easy) and how he came out on top.
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    A Bootcamp Grad Perspective: Hiring Process And The Job Market

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 4:51:43 AM

    Below we interview Liz, a fullstack engineer, and coding bootcamp grad.  Liz works at fintech company Fabric, where she is one of four bootcamp graduates on their nine-person engineering team! Below, Liz shares her experience and provides career tips and insight including regarding employer perception of bootcamp grads and salary negotiations.

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