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    K-Means Clustering: All You Need to Know

    By Uday Keith on Aug 17, 2020 5:16:04 AM

    In machine learning, we are often in the realm of “function approximation”. That is, we have a certain ground-truth (y) and associated variables (X) and our aim is to use identify a function to wrap our variables in that does a good job in approximating the ground-truth. This exercise in function approximation is also known as “supervised-learning”.  

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    Why is learning to code so hard?

    By Jeff Maxim on Aug 17, 2020 5:13:32 AM

    Our instructor Jeff is also an author, here are some tips from his blog, a great coding resource:

    As an instructor at Byte Academy, a high school AP computer science teacher, and a former middle school teacher, I’ve worked with countless beginning computer programmers. I’ve been there for everyone - from 10-year-old kids to adult career changers - while they write their first “Hello, World!” programs in languages like Python, JavaScript, C, PHP, Ruby, and even with MIT’s cool Scratch.

    • Learning to code is no more difficult than learning anything else because all skills have a similarly high mastery point.
    • Learning to code seems harder than learning other stuff because it has a higher barrier to entry.
    • There’s proven strategies you can use to make this barrier to entry less intimidating.
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    Coding Exercise: Build Tetris in Python using Pygame

    By Sanoj Mathew on Aug 17, 2020 5:12:00 AM

    Apply for Byte Academy's Coding Bootcamp with ISA options

    pygame is a Free and Open Source python programming language library for making multimedia applications like games built on top of the excellent SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library. Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and graphics hardware via OpenGL and Direct3D. Like SDL, pygame is highly portable and runs on nearly every platform and operating system. Millions of people have downloaded pygame itself, which is a whole lot of bits flying across the interwebs.

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    Coding for Financial Independence

    By Karina on Aug 17, 2020 5:10:59 AM

    Millennials (and Generation Z), put down your iPhones and let us inspire you to code for financial independence..

      1 in 4 young adults between the ages of 21 – 34 are dependent on their parents in some form, whether it may be rent, car insurance, etc. Having grown children dependent on their funds detracts them from saving for retirement, adding stress to their lives, according to an article on CNBC.

    Coding = Financial Independence.... Need Convincing? 

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    From Concept to Company – 5 Tips for Every Entrepreneur

    By Byte on Aug 17, 2020 5:09:31 AM

    Taking the decision to start your own venture is never easy. But once you overcome your initial hesitation and take the plunge, your life will take a turn for the better. Here are our 5 tips for every aspiring entrepreneur to keep in mind as they embark on this journey.

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    A Beginner's Guide to Python Web Frameworks

    By lakshmi b on Aug 17, 2020 4:53:31 AM

    A web framework is a collection of packages or modules which allow developers to write web applications or services quickly, without getting into the details of network protocols or network socket programming. Web frameworks encapsulate what developers have learned over the past 20 years while programming sites and applications for the web. Frameworks make it easier to reuse code for common HTTP operations and structure the projects so that other developers can quickly build the projects with the knowledge of the same framework.

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    Singapore FinTech Festival Coverage: Hackathon & Learning Bytes

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 4:49:33 AM

    Don't have FOMO.  Check out our Singapore FinTech Festival coverage:

    We were honored to partner with the Monetary Authority of Singapore on their first week-long global Singapore FinTech Festival in November which coincided with our Singapore campus opening.  The Festival attracted more than 11,000 from all over the world.

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    Debug Duck Dare

    By Emily on Aug 17, 2020 4:20:09 AM

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    Python vs R. Which language should you choose?

    By Byte on Aug 17, 2020 4:15:22 AM

    Data science is an interdisciplinary field where scientific techniques from statistics, mathematics, and computer science are used to analyze data and solve problems more accurately and effectively. It is no wonder, then, that languages such as R and Python, with their extensive packages and libraries that support statistical methods and machine learning algorithms are cornerstones of the data science revolution. Often times, beginners find it hard to decide which language to learn first. This guide will help you make that decision.

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    Validating Form Input With Django

    By Jeff Maxim on Aug 12, 2020 9:26:56 AM

    Let’s say I’m making a blogging web application using Python and the web framework, Django. I want users to be able to publish “Posts” on my blogging website.

    When they enter that “Post” into some sort of input form that I have on my website, I want to check the “Post” before I save it to my database.

    This is a common scenario for many Django developers. How do we validate form data before we save it to a database?

    There’s two common ways to do it: Either validate the Model or validate the Form.

    Django has Forms and Models. Very basically, Forms are where users input data on a web application, and Models and where I actually save my information in my program.

    Let’s look first at how to validate the Model:

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